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NCATE Standard 3

Page history last edited by Jennifer Morrison 12 years, 8 months ago

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Field Experiences and Clinical Practice


The unit and its school partners design, implement, and evaluate field experiences and clinical practice so that teacher candidates and other school professionals develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Institutional Report for Standard 3 (submitted April 1, 2011)


Standard 3 Exhibits


1. Memoranda of understanding and contracts, and/or other documents that demonstrate partnerships with schools


August 2010 Presentation re Collaboration for SDNC.pdf

Agreement Laurens 56 Spring 2011.pdf

Agreement Lexington 3 Spring 2011.pdf

Agreement Lexington 5 Spring 2011.pdf

Agreement SDNC 2010-11.pdf


2. Criteria for the selection of school faculty


School and Mentor Selection Process.pdf


3. Documentation of the preparation of school faculty for their roles


ADEPT Presentation.pdf | ADEPT Training Sign-in 2011.pdf

Requirements for Mentor Teachers.pdf


4. Descriptions of field experiences and clinical practice requirements


Newberry College Internship Handbook 2011.pdf

Changes to Field Experiences 2011.pdf

Description of Field Experiences 2006-10.pdf

Music Field Experience 2011-12.pdf (added September 15, 2011)

Field Experience Hours by Major.xls


5. Guidelines for student teaching and internships


Newberry College Internship Handbook 2011.pdf


6. Assessments and scoring rubrics/criteria used in field experiences and clinical practice


EDU 300 Field Experience Tasks.pdf | EDU 300 Field Experience Task Rubric.pdf

200 Level Field Experience Evaluation.pdf | 300 Level Field Experience Evaluation.pdf

Focus Group Agenda.pdf | Focus Group Results 2010.10.04.pdf

Internship evaluations can be found at http://newberryinternship.pbworks.com/w/page/34380629/Newberry-College-Internship


IR Addendum Exhibits for Standard 3

Added August 3, 2011 | See IR Addendum

Field Experience Retreat 2010.06.pdf

Focus Group Agenda(1).pdf

Focus Group Results 2010.10.04(1).pdf



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