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NCATE Standard 5

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Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development


Faculty are qualified and model best professional practices in scholarship, service, and teaching, including the assessment of their own effectiveness as related to candidate performance.  They also collaborate with colleagues in the disciplines and schools. The unit systematically evaluates faculty performance and facilitates professional development.  Institutional Report for Standard 5


1. Data table on faculty qualifications


     Faculty Qualifications Table.pdf 

     Faculty Vitae

         Barnes-Winder, Peggy.pdf 

         Brown, Dale.pdf 

         Burkett ,Christopher.pdf 

         Cherrington-Beggs, Sally.pdf 

         Cruickshanks, Carla.pdf 


         Horn, Charles.pdf 

         Johnson-Taylor, Cindy.pdf 

         Kennedy ,Sherri.pdf 

         Key, Kristi Pope.pdf 

         Key, Randall.pdf 

         Long, Janet.pdf 

         McCartha, Christina.pdf 

         Mitchell, Cathy.pdf 

         Morrison, Jennifer.pdf 

         Pitts, Joseph.pdf 

         Pugh, Rebecca.pdf 

         Richardon, Lisa.pdf 

         Riddle, Virginia.pdf 

         Ringer, Marcia.pdf 

         Rohr, Karl.pdf 

         Seymour, Marilyn.pdf 

         Stubbs, Renee.pdf 

         Waller, Lisa.pdf 

         Wicker, Reggie.pdf 

         Witt, Vinetta.pdf  




2. Licensure information on school faculty


3. Samples of faculty scholarly activity


4. Summary of service and collaborative activities engaged in by faculty with the professional community


5. Promotion and tenure policies and procedures


6. Samples of forms used in faculty evaluation and summaries of the results


7. Opportunities for professional development activities provided by the unit




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