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NCATE Standard 6

Page history last edited by Jennifer Morrison 12 years, 10 months ago

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Unit Governance and Resources


The unit has the leadership, authority, budget, personnel, facilities, and resources, including information technology resources, for the preparation of candidates to meet professional, state, and institutional standards.  Institutional Report for Standard 6 (submitted April 1, 2011)


Standard 6 Exhibits


1. Policies on governance and operations of the unit


     Faculty Policies Manual 2010-11.pdf 

     TEC Bylaws.pdf  

     DOE Five Year Plan.pdf  


2. Organizational chart or description of the unit governance structure


     DOE Organizational Chart.pdf 

     Newberry College Organizational Chart.pdf  

     TEP Governance Structure.pdf  


3. Policies on student services such as counseling and advising


     Academic Advising Manual 2007.pdf 

     Student Affairs:  http://www.newberry.edu/student-affairs

     Newberry College Counselling Services:  http://www.newberry.edu/student-affairs/health-services.aspx

     Student Support:  http://www.newberry.edu/academics/CenterforStudentSuccess.aspx 


4. Recruiting and admission policies for candidates


     Admission Guidelines for Freshmen.pdf 

     Newberry College Recruitment Plan 2010-11.pdf  


5. Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising


     Academic Calendars:  2010-11  |  2011-12

     Catalog:  2010-2011 Newberry College Catalog.pdf  

     Unit Publications:  Teacher Ed Brochure.pdf  |  Teacher Ed Newsletter.pdf 

                                TEP Conceptual Framework.pdf  |  DOE Five Year Plan.pdf

     Unit Policies:  TEP Internship Handbook Spring 2011.pdf  

     Unit Advertising:  Funding Campaign Brochure.pdf  


6. Unit budget


     DOE Budget 2006-11.xls 

     DOE Donations 2008-11.xls 

     Newberry College Technology Budget 2010-11.xlsx  


7. Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus


     Comparable Unit Budgets 2010-11.xls  


8. Faculty workload policies


     Faculty Load Policy.pdf  


9. Summary of faculty workloads


     DOE Faculty Load Summary 2010-11.pdf  


10. List of facilities


     Newberry College Property Information.xlsx 

     Keystone Building Occupancy Analysis 2011-12.pdf  


11. Description of library resources


     Description of Library Resources 2010-11.pdf  


12. Description of resources for distance learning


      Not applicable to the Newberry College Teacher Education Program 


IR Addendum Exhibit for Standard 6 

     Added August 3, 2011  |  See IR Addendum


     DOE 5-Year Plan - Presentation.pdf   



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