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Overview and Conceptual Framework

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Overview and Conceptual Framework


xxx.  Institutional Report for Overview and Conceptual Framework  




1. Unit catalogs and other printed documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies   


     Newberry College Core Curriculum Requirements 

     2010-11 Newberry College Catalog.pdf 

     2009-10 Newberry College Catalog.pdf 

     2008-09 Newberry College Catalog.pdf  


2. Syllabi for professional education courses 

Note: Most recent syllabi are displayed and therefore may not match semester designation.


     Fall 2010

         ECE 233 Early Childhool Curriculum and Assessment 

         ECE 252 Language Development and Communication Skills: Young Children

         ECE 437 Teaching an Integrated Curriculum

         ECE 438 Methods and Materials for Social Studies

         EDU 341 Classroom Environment for Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms

         ELE 448 Methods and Materials for Elementary Social Studies

         ELE 457 Reading Diagnosis and Remedial Treatment

         EMD 335 Middle School Curriculum and Organization

         MUS 470 Elementary School Music and Methods

         MUS 471 Instrumental Methods and Materials

         PHE 440 Curriculum and Evaluation


     Spring 2011

         ECE 251 Mathematical Concepts for Young Children

         ECE 352 Literacy Development in Young Children

         ECE 437 Teaching an Integrated Curriculum

         ECE 439 Methods and Materials for Science and Mathematics

         EDU 224 Foundations of Teaching and Learning

         EDU 230  Human Development and Learning - 2

         EDU 232 Working with Exceptional and Diverse Learners

         EDU 300 Assessment for Learning

         EDU 342 Classroom Environment for Middle and High School Classrooms

         EDU 382 Technology and Teaching

         EDU 455 Content Area Literacy in Middle and High Schools

         EDU 483 Internship Seminar

         ELE 221 Children's Literature

         ELE 353 Teaching of Reading in the Elementary Schools

         ELE 449 Methods and Materials for Elementary Mathematics and Science

         EMD 438 Methods of Teaching Middle Level Social Studies

         EMD 439 Methods of Teaching Middle Level Mathematics

         MAT336 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics

         MUS 370 Music for Early Childhood/Elementary Teachers

         MUS 472 Choral Methods and Materials

         SCI 321 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science

         SSC 335 Methods of Teaching Middle and High School Social Studies


3. Conceptual Framework


     TEP Conceptual Framework.pdf  


4. Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals


     Program Review Chart

     Early Childhood:  NAYCE Report 09.2010  |  Response to Conditions 02.2011 

     Elementary Education:  ACEI Report 09.2010  |  Initial Review 02.2011

     Physical Education:  NASPE Report 09.2010  |  NASPE Initial Review 02.2011  

     Music:  NASM Commendation 07.2003 



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