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IR Addendum

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Newberry College Institutional Report Addendum


Addendum submitted August 2, 2011  |  Original IR submitted April 1, 2011


The Professional Education Unit at Newberry College thanks the BOE/State team members for their thorough off-site review and feedback.  Our addendum report includes a response to each item noted in the report as an area of concern.  Each section contains references to exhibits posted on this wepage.  Newberry College IR Addendum.pdf


Standard 1 Item 1 Exhibits - Praxis II scores 


     Internship Evaluation Data - Domain 5 Content.pdf 

     Departmental Goals 2011-12.pdf  

     2011 ETS Assessment Data.pdf 

     EDU 300 Field Experience Tasks(1).pdf 

     EDU 300 Field Experience Task Rubric(1).pdf 

     Education Program Learning Outcomes.pdf  


Standard 1 Item 2 Exhibits - Technology


     EDU 382 Unit Plan Template.pdf 

     EDU 382 Unit Plan Rubric.pdf 

     2011 Syllabi Scan for Tech Outcomes.pdf  


Standard 2 Exhibits - Assessment since 2006


     TEP Unit Assessment System 2008.pdf 

     DOE 5-Year Plan - Presentation.pdf 

     Data Day Invitation 2011.pdf  


Standard 3 Addendum Exhibits - Implementation of field experience; Collaboration


     Field Experience Retreat 2010.06.pdf 

     Focus Group Agenda(1).pdf

     Focus Group Results 2010.10.04(1).pdf 


Standard 4 Addendum Exhibit - Interaction with diverse peers


     Nonwhite Students in Teacher Cadet School Partners 2011-12.pdf  


Standard 5 Addendum Exhibits - Faculty scholarship  


     TEP Faculty Scholarship.pdf  

     Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Member.pdf  


Standard 6 Addendum Exhibit - Number of faculty  


     DOE 5-Year Plan - Presentation.pdf  



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